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7 Tips For Enjoying Your Retirement

By December 22, 2016No Comments

You have finished your very last day of work. You’ve looked forward to this moment for so long. You will have all this free time now! What should you do with it?

After retirement, some find themselves actually feeling lonely or spend the majority of their days in front of the television. While there’s nothing wrong with a little quiet time or a few TV shows, here are some suggestions that will help keep you busy, healthy, and happy.

1.) Be Organized

First of all, you want to make sure you have some sort of schedule, calendar, or agenda. Whether it’s paper or electronic, you want to have a place to keep track of what you need to do and want to do. You’ll also want to keep track of your finances.

2.) Maintain Friendships with Others

After leaving a job where you are constantly in contact with people, you may find you are not around others as much. Take the initiative to stay in contact with your friends, neighbors, and former coworkers. You could have the goal of calling, emailing, texting, or writing at least one person a day. It’s good to get together in person every so often as well.

3.) Spend Time with Family

If you have family that lives close by, you can plan inexpensive but special days with them. If you have grand kids, take advantage of that. They love you and they will enjoy spending time with you. You could alternate doing things you love to do with what they enjoy doing, and you will both have fun.

If you have family that lives far away, plan out times to visit them, and keep in touch in between visits. Also, consider doing some sightseeing during your visits.

4.) Don’t Forget Your Doctor’s Visits

Make sure you are regular with your doctor’s appointments and that you mention any problems you are having. Don’t assume that any new pains or health problems you experience are just the result of you getting older, or that they cannot be managed or improved. Don’t be afraid to go to specialists, get second opinions, and do your own research.

5.) Eat Healthy and Tasty Meals

When it comes to cooking, try new but healthy recipes. You will be amazed at how many meals and desserts are healthy, but still taste great! If you have specific dietary needs from your health care specialists, such as needing gluten-free, diabetes-friendly, vegetarian, or vegan recipes, there are so many ideas out there. There are specific cookbooks as well as a multitude of recipes on the internet. You can also spend time with family, such as your grand kids, by planning and preparing meals together, and sharing and enjoying your healthy meals with others.

6.) Keep Physically Active

Think about hobbies that will keep you physically active, which in turn can benefit your health. Talk to your doctor about what is safe for you personally to do, and look into what your community has to offer. Depending on where you live, you may have different options for different seasons of the year. Consider doing an activity with your spouse or a friend to keep each other motivated.

7.) Stay Mentally Active

While some retirees literally go back to school by taking additional courses, it can also be beneficial to have as a habit practicing the skills you learned in school. Reading is great for your mind and relieves stress, and there are so many options as far as topics. Among other things, writing, such as in a journal, and doing math and problem solving puzzles are all things that exercise you mentally.

At Roberts Tax Advisory, we want you to enjoy your retirement. We can help you with your financial planning as well, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Please contact us to see how we can help.