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We thought about trying to find 17 complicated ways to manage business tax, but we thought better of it. Instead, here are four easy ways to manage it.

Select A Business Structure

Businesses file taxes based on their structures, and you can reduce your tax liability by choosing the appropriate structure for your business. Partnerships are businesses that have two or more individuals as co-owners. In partnerships, both individuals hold responsibility for the business’ profits and losses. A sole proprietorship is a business that has only one individual who manages and owns the business. This individual reports income from the business as personal income rather than business income. Corporations are independent legal entities that state law regulates, and owners only pay taxes on salary, bonuses, and dividends.

Use Tax Software

Tax software eliminates the need to keep paper receipts, and it also allows for simpler document management and analysis of financial data. Research the different options for tax software and determine which one suits your needs ideally.

Look To The Professionals

Don’t try to handle your business’ taxes on your own in order to save money. Many business owners find the intricacies of business taxes fall outside their expertise, and the time spent managing business finances often results in a loss of profits to companies. Fortunately, many qualified professionals do business taxes for a living.

Try Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting provides business owners with access to remote professional assistance at a lower cost. You’ll benefit from the efficiency of receiving real-time insights into your business’ finances.

Roberts Tax Advisory offers comprehensive business tax services. To find out more about how we can serve your business, please contact us.