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Latest Mobile Apps for QuickBooks

By April 4, 2013No Comments

Mobile users of QuickBooks software grew 300 percent in 2012 reports Will Lynes, a Senior Manager for Intuit QuickBooks Online, in a recent MacWorld review. Moreover, forecasts for small businesses adoption of tablets predict 2013 increases of 114 percent — equal to 10.4 million tablet users according to this Intuit infographic.

With smartphone and tablet use dramatically rising, more apps for small business users are becoming available. If you’re using QuickBooks Online or the Windows desktop version and haven’t yet discovered mobile apps for your smartphone or tablet, here’s a quick rundown:

QuickBooks Online for iPad

This newest app is a welcome relief for the “Twenty-five percent of those [mobile] customers are actually accessing our services on an iPad” according to Lynes. Before the new iPad app release in February, they were using the iPhone app on their iPad. It was cumbersome. Now it’s fun — or well… it’s not just “boring accounting software” anymore (yay?) according to TechCrunch, at least…

QuickBooks Mobile for iPhone

The iPhone app, when actually used on the iPhone, synchs with your QuickBooks Online or Windows PC account. It’s not compatible with QuickBooks for Mac. With 4+ rave reviews in the iTunes store, it’s become invaluable for on-the-go businesses such as home remodelers, landscaping contractors, catering services and the like.

QuickBooks Mobile for Android Phone & Tablet

The recent v3.0 release in February adds tablet optimization. Both phone and tablet functions include new features like appointment scheduling and an easier slide-style navigation view. Thousands of reviewers and downloads for this popular app attest to its roadworthiness.

QuickBooks Online Merchant Service

Featuring a free mobile credit card reader and two-month trial with no cancellation fee, this Intuit app for iPhone, iPad, and Android automatically synchronizes mobile payments with your QuickBooks Online and bank account. Is there anything more important than receiving fast payments from customers?

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