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“Within each of us lies dormant the power to cast out disease of all kinds and obtain perpetual health and full physical and mental strength and beauty.”

Harry Gaze London, England

I love reading old medical books. The pictures and remedies can not only be entertaining and fascinating, but it takes you back to the roots of scientific process. The days of pure investigation and discovery, a problem was present and solutions were sought, trials occurred in small groups or on individuals sometimes out of desperation, but nonetheless trial and error and intuition played a prominent role.

Information was cataloged, recorded, refined and such was the early roots of health and medicine. It is refreshing to see such process jump off of the pages from long ago and yet I wonder if perhaps what they had was more valuable even today despite our supposed technological advances in maintaining a healthy life.

The ability to think and solve and feel and follow and experiment even if needs be on them. It was truly a day of discovery and a willingness to try things and do things. They understood the simplest form of health and perhaps the world’s seven best doctors:

Now before I get push back on the advancements of medicine and health and of course there have been many, I wonder perhaps as with any advancement whether it be in technology or other areas, if we have gone to far. If we have surpassed our natural abilities to adjust as medication and technology have circumvented natural process skipped over our innate abilities and created artificial dependence on things more detrimental then beneficial.

It seems in today’ world we have a pill or treatment for virtually every and anything you can imagine. We even have pills for side effects of pills.

A whole new category has risen to create drugs to treat the side effects of chronic use of other drugs, where does this stop or does it? It seems there is infinite economy in the pharmacological world, create a need and a solution all in the course and at the expense of the health consumer.

If you watch television or are active with social media platforms you have undoubtedly witnessed commercials touting the latest and greatest, followed by its long list of potential side effects. Usually following that commercial is another representing a legal claim or class action suit you can join against a past medication, which at one time was the latest and greatest.

Lost in our quest is the facts that medications are rushed to market based on studies which may or may not represent effectively results which can be translated the general population.

It should be clear that, we are not condoning or dismissing all medication just pointing out that there really is no magic pill. Everything comes with a cost and every medication in its own way chemically alters or manages a natural bodily or cellular process.

I remember a time when every prescription given usually was accompanied by the statement of trying to get you off of the medication sooner rather then later by promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

As much as the world keeps moving along, I wonder if the way forward needs to involve taking a look back for at least for a moment, focus on us as individuals not as part of a large study of control and non control groups, to look at the simplest and most natural forms of health. Perhaps we need to find a path to work with that force in each of us to find a better way to better.

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