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We are all unique and our health is impacted by many factors such as our genetics, personal history, diet, lifestyle, stress levels, and overall satisfaction with life.  No doctor is going to have the vast amount of knowledge that we have of our own bodies.  You are the only one that possesses that wealth. This is why it’s so important for each of us to take an active role in understanding and becoming in tune with the changes in our bodies. They may be telling us something is wrong or I need some support here!

We live in a world where most people just rely on the experts to provide the needed information and or remedy. When it comes to your health, decisions can literally be life changing.  It is vital with the current structure of our health care delivery system that you take an active role to manage and promote your health.

You are your best advocate. You know yourself better then anyone.


@ Renuability our goal is to help you get started to build a better you from the inside out.

As Americans, we live in perhaps the richest country in the world. Our development and economy far out pace and are quite literally the envy of the world. However, as we have developed along the way our health care and the statistics regarding health have spiraled. We have recently seen our life expectancy numbers drop.  We lead the world in obesity, cancer rates, diabetes and the list goes on and on…. One might be surprised at these, but upon further review it is easy to see the cause. We are an overfed and undernourished country.

My brother in law used to travel internationally for business. I’ll never forget him saying when he is flying he wouldn’t even look at his ticket to see which gate his flight was departing from.  He simply followed all the obese people because he knew that flight was headed to the good old USA.

The Cell

It starts with a cell. Each of us are made of countless cells which form and process every single part of our beings. Each of our cells contains receptors, which quite simply for discussion are either filled with good things necessary for their function or toxic things which disrupt their function and block their needed activities.  Simply put, either you have enough good things attached and things function normally or you have filled those slots with more not so good things and you don’t feel well and your on your way to DIS ..Ease.

SO… What…

Medicine and health can be as complex as we make it.  Our mission is to make it as easy as it needs to be, to simplify things.

Because of our modern lifestyle, you undoubtedly are living with nutritional deficiencies. So let’s get going on changing that.

Nutrition is probably our biggest weapon at the cellular level and unfortunately things have changed. We used to rely on our diets alone from the food we ate, but unfortunately as time has passed and corporate control and profits have taken hold of our food, we have been left with modified versions of the past. It looks like food, smells like food and even occasionally tastes like food, but in reality, most of our food consumed in todays world is food like products, chemically enhanced for growth, shelf life and profits.  Who suffers?  We do!  Our bodies at the simplest level do not have enough good things attached to our cells so they suffer and a cell can only last so long before dysfunction results in diseases.

So if we don’t get what we need from our food, where do we get it?  Well, simply put, we need to find the alternatives.  Foods that are organically grown, responsibly sourced herbs and vitamins, and the need to be willing to Undo the thinking that we simply get the nutrition we need by eating and following dietary guidelines which have recently been exposed as having strong influences by corporations and industries promoting their own interests over what is actually needed and good for you.

When one starts this journey of finding and adding things to their diet, it is important to allow time for your body to change and grow.  Anytime something new is occurring, you may go through phases of how it feels. Due to the fact your body is changing at a cellular level, lets suppose you start taking something new like greens. Your body may go through an initial detoxifying feel as the bad things attached to your cells are replaced by good.  You may feel a little sick or different.  This is perfectly normal as your body is eliminating those things.  So be patient as you change, but also become more in tune with how you feel.  This will be very important as your journey continues.  Because each of us are different and unique, YOU need to feel like you are in charge.  How you feel is quite simply vital to good health to gain this awareness.

Things to be aware of:

How I feel?

What nutritional testing can I use at home?

What sources does my food come form?

Can I buy local foods?

Is organic vs. non organic is it worth it?

Advertising tricks in food and supplements

Sources of herbs and vitamins

Toxic vs. non-toxic foods and supplements

We are surrounded by a toxic world

Thoughts matter

Is my home sick?

Is my work sick?

Do I move?

The list goes on and on…

@ Renuability will be here for you along the journey.  We want to scour this earth and the communities in which we live to help you become in a better way. We promise to find the best sources, ensure the highest standards, to provide them at the highest value to you, to create a community in which we CARE&SHARE and do so with a guarantee that this is for you and your best interests.

Join us as we create a healthier world one day and one person at a time.