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How we gather our information and make informed decisions has changed dramatically over the past decade.

You can Google anything in mere seconds or less and with a few hyperlinks you have access to any particular tidbit of information you may be after.

Coupled with the rise in popularity of social media sharing outlets, information can be spread at blinding speed. Things can “go viral’ within hours and return to relative obscurity in the same time frame.

With the increased capabilities of information gathering and distribution coupled with “laissez-faire of capitalism”. We now are faced with the dilemma of discerning real vs. myth.

When it comes to your health this presents a very real and tangible issue as we literally can change the course and length of our “health span”.

In the past year we have been exposed to the term “fake news”. Although most of the discussions are centered on American politics, the reality of such has trickled into every aspect of our lives.  How we gather information and make decisions impacts the things we buy, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive and the lifestyles and activities we choose to participate in.

Your Health and the way we gather our information and opinions are unfortunately not immune to this paradigm.  But unlike a dress or shirt that doesn’t fit quite right or a pair shoes that are different then what you saw online, or what the reviews claimed; there is no return policy or money back guarantee when it comes to your health.

Health is individualized to each of us.  Genetics certainly plays a role in predisposing us to behaviors and cellular memory and function, but much more important to our well being is the information and behaviors which influence daily activities from our thoughts, our quality nutrient intake and our exposure to toxic and unhealthy materials; including emotions to the activities and pace in which we do things on an everyday basis.

As you begin your journey, take note of your beliefs. Open your mind to the evolving world of health and nutrition and the impact, both positively and negatively it can have on your health span in comparison to your life span.

Let’s eliminate the myths you may have and more importantly instill in yourself the belief that YOU have the ability within at every level, given the proper support to live well, to recover well and to practice Renuability.

The key is understanding your body and its daily demands.  The challenge is providing your body what it needs on a daily basis to meet your physical, emotional and psychological demands so you can live in surplus and eliminate the deficits to avoid.

Join us on a journey to make the world a healthier, happier and more informed place as we CARE&SHARE to build a community with those on a mission to feel better, live healthier and enjoy the adventures of life the right way.

  1. Start: It all starts up top no matter what you’ve been through, what you’ve been taught or what you may even believe in. YOU always have the ability to improve, to comeback, to perform better, to feel better, to have more energy, to sleep better, to become a better version of who you are.
  2. Unlearn: Often we need to unlearn things we’ve been taught or carried with us.  As a tradition, things form our understanding and ultimately affect our patterns of behavior and the way we live when it comes to our health. These things can be vitally important.
  3. Re-Learn: Understanding of health information changes dramatically and it can be very difficult to stay current.  As we improve our relationship with our bodies and how we feel, we have the greatest teacher of all.  Be in tune with you and know and feel your need to feel GOOD on a daily basis, from the moment you wake to the deepest part of your sleep.
  4. Find: There is only one you. You are a unique set of biology, experiences, beliefs and behaviors. Let us help you to help yourself, find your needs and rebuild the lost intuition necessary to be your own best advocate in finding health.

Empower: There is no better feeling than understanding and accomplishing goals. No matter how small, study after study has pointed to growth and confidence, as we achieve milestones both small and large. Join us in becoming empowered and mastering the art of Renuability.